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About The Author of Toddler ABC Guide to Discipline Great balls of fire! Are you tired, or what? Tired of yelling. Tired of being yelled AT. Tired of tantrums, hitting, kicking, whining, fussing, biting, fighting, refusing to sleep…when does it end? When do they stop smacking siblings or running from us in the mall? When do WE get to start enjoying how cute and sweet they are? When do we get to SLEEP?!
Good news. The Toddler ABC Guide to Discipline is your answer to loving discipline.
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Use the new three step "TAG" or Toddler ABC Guide© for decreasing unwanted toddler behavior and learn how to make toddlers happy and balanced. Toddler behaviors such as Biting, Hitting, Screaming, or Tantrums can happen for many reasons – sensory stimulation, communication, frustration, etc. – but if you want results, we have to figure out why.

Learn the inside, professional secrets on how to stop problem behavior in one to four year-olds, and turn your life around. Whether you are a single parent, a parent with little or no support from your spouse, a grandma, aunt, a traveling parent – it doesn’t matter. You can still open up the secrets to loving discipline and stop the nonsense. 

Believe me, Mommy, I’ve been in your shoes.

Let me guess. Are you: exhausted, angry, guilt-ridden, confused, and desperate to do the best for your child? Why do they cry so much? Why do they demand so much? Aren’t we already worn flat trying to make them happy? Why are they NOT HAPPY??! 

Look no further. Your answers are here.

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5 Stars "It certainly made me rethink how to handle bad behavior. I loved the author's techniques because they are positive, very passive and they really work!!! I would highly recommend this book to all mom's and dad's." ~ Sandy M.

You will learn:
The 3 step ABC method to quickly change unwanted behavior.
How to eliminate the cycle of negative attention.
The Five Basics to good behavior.
How to meet needs to keep kids balanced and happy.
The Secrets to Positive Discipline Techniques.
Free Behavior Charts and much more!
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5 Stars "Tried the tips right after reading them and had my child following instructions without whining, hooray!" ~ Leslie
5 Stars "This book is short and sweet. An easy read for mommies with no time to spare but very useful info for sure!" ~ Erin Norman
5 Stars "This book provided many practical tips we have already put to use, and with great effect." ~ C. Brannon
5 Stars "I can't believe how often I can put to use the advice and strategies found in the book." ~ D. Ybarra
5 Stars "Informative and instructive book that clears doubt and provides needed help. A must book for the New parent. Well written and an easy console read." ~ Jose Muriel
About The Author of Toddler ABC Guide to Discipline
About the Author: Michelle Smith is a Speech-Language Pathologist and mother of three. She has a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders and has worked with a wide range of toddlers covering the spectrum from those with simple speech impairments to those with profound brain damage. Commingling her professional skills and personal experience, she truly understands the awesome task of balancing love and guidance. Michelle has been quoted in WebMD. Teaming up with Dr. Rita Chandler, a Nationally Certified expert in behavior, Michelle decodes the technical aspect of steps to improving problem behavior, but stays devoted to teaching discipline techniques with the emotions of caregivers in mind.
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